Insurance Cluster Atlanta- Costs of Joining a Cluster

Insurance Cluster Atlanta helps the insurance company in cross-selling and up-selling its products. Benefits like these would otherwise be unavailable to the Insurance Carriers everywhere including the Insurance cluster.  An insurance aggregator is a website that gathers insurance-specific information from different sources. According to SIAAZ, an insurance cluster can be defined as a group of agents who put their business together to enhance their standing and leverage with carriers and also to support each other. 

Costs of Joining a Cluster

Costs and fees vary from one cluster to another. It can get a little complicated. Some companies charge a transparent start-up fee. Some groups, on the other hand, don’t charge direct charges to their members.

Again, some clusters charge on a monthly basis.  Other companies might charge a percentage of your commissions. Lastly,   some collect both a monthly fee as well as a percentage of commissions. Percentages might depend and might influence my number of factors. Such as the length of your tenure with the cluster. For example, there might be maintenance fees in order to cover expenses like training; service centers; office spaces, and facilities.

Therefore, make sure you ask and know about all of the fees involved with any particular cluster before signing in. Don’t be surprised with hidden fees once you’ve signed your agreement. Thus, research enough and enter the group with your book of business.

insurance cluster atlanta
insurance cluster

Why Insurance Cluster Atlanta? 

1) Access to many carriers: Firstly, a good cluster will allow you to gain access to many carriers. You would not be limited.

2) Profit-Sharing: A good group will negotiate better deals with carriers, and pass them on to you as local insurance agents. It will be in the form of commissions and profit-sharing. Open an insurance agency and make a profit selling different policies.

3) More market access: A good insurance cluster will give you access to more markets. This can include specialty and niche markets.

4) Discounts on tools: A good insurance aggregator will give you access to discounts. Also, it will give free trials of helpful software tools such as comparative rating software and agency management software.

5) Expert advice- Your cluster should help you grow. Moreover, it should enable you to push yourself as an agent.

6) Education and Skill Enhancement Training: Lastly, an insurance cluster group that is invested in making its members succeed will offer you various training that will help you grow. It can be in the shape of webinars, online courses, blogs, and more.

Thus, an insurance aggregator is a newer and updated version of the insurance cluster Atlanta. Being a part of the Insurance Aggregator means there is a higher chance of surviving in the otherwise cutthroat market.

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